Monday, August 3, 2009

Krystledawne's challenge

So, about 2 weeks ago Krystledawne issued a challenge to share our tatting spaces as they were right then at that moment. I thought that was such a great idea, but I didn't have my camera. . . I have really enjoyed looking at the tatting spaces everyone has been sharing on their blogs! I am finally sharing a pic of mine.

I was kinda hoping by the time I got around to taking the picture I would have something a little more useful and attractive than the plastic shopping bag that I carry with me.

There it is finally. . . My tatting space!


  1. Oh how I wish my tatting stash could be contained in one plastic shopping consumes two large drawers and numerous ziploc bags that are scattered all over the place and a considerable amount of bookshelf space. Your tatting spot looks quite cozy. I purchased a small scrapbooking minitote to keep whatever current project I'm working on in-you can usually get them on sale at Michaels with a coupon.

  2. Ah, a portable tatting space! I like it! I have one of the scrapbooking totes that Donna mentioned... a gift from my daughter. I wish I could say I was using it for my current tatting project. It's just filled with stuff right now!

  3. I am envious of that comfy looking sofa! My little place is quite spartan. And my stash is taking over - it has escaped the one bag scenario .... : )

  4. That's about where I tat, too...on the couch, LOL! Looks comfy! Yours looks much tidier than mine right now, LOL!

  5. Looks cozy and so very, very tidy. wait until it takes over your house!

  6. Yep, the sofa is also my tatting spot. I have a canvas bin from Bed and Bath that I keep my stuff in at home and I made a drawstring bag to take with me EVERYWHERE!

    I tend to keep some of my favorite purchases in their bag for a while after I get home. In my mind it keeps them new longer. Perhaps I have issues...


  7. Donna, Thanks for the advice I will look into getting a tote.

    Diane, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Fox, I am trying really hard to keep it down to one bag. I find myself thinking about new threads and beads constantly. Then I look at all my other unfinished projects and feel a little guilty for thinking of buying more. lol

    Tatting Chic, that is actually my mom's couch, hence the tidy area. Mine is always buried in laundry or toys. lol

    Tatskool, Nooooo, it can't take over the house! My husband piles papers everywhere and I am constantly complaining about those piles, so I can't let my own piles take over. lol

    Ann, I need to make me a bag. you should put up a tutorial for me ;) I think I keep my stuff in the stores bag for the same reason.