Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Wish! I Wish! I Wish!

The past week I have had the best lesson on The Law of Attraction. It was a great lesson!
The kind of lesson I like. . .

The other day I took my adorable little boy to the library. . . I wish it was because he loves to read. Alas, it is because he likes the computer games they have there. Oh well, he does get a little exposure to the library and at least the games they have are about counting, letters, and thinking. Another plus, there is a 20 minute time limit.

While there, I was reading a book. My son didn't quite get how to play this new game so he kept calling for me. I would get into my book, then a minute later I would have to put it down again. This went on again and again. The third time I heard him calling for me, I looked at the page number and thought "I wish I had a pretty tatted bookmark."

That very night my dear aunt TattingChic called to tell me she sent me something in the mail. I was so excited I had to ask.

Guess what it was. . .

I knew you would guess right!

It was this lovely bookmark designed and tatted by Tatting Chic herself!
She sent a little card telling me about the thread, so I will pass the info on to you all. . . the rosettes are tatted in Yarnplayer's "peace" the green in Yarnplayer's "leafy" both size 80.

Thank You sooooo much Aunty Tatting Chic!!! I absolutely love this!

That was not the only thing my thoughts called into my life this week. . .

The book I was reading was about a family in the 1800's and I thought about how nice it would be if we slowed down a little and if we actually still traded our talents or goods for services. Like if we could pay the Doctor bill with fresh farm eggs, or perhaps a tatted doily.

"So, what could this thought have brought into her life?" you ask

"Did she get paid with a chicken or eggs or what?" lol

Actually I got a call from my mom who tells me she scheduled an appointment for me with Dr. Tagg, the world's greatest chiropractor! Woohoo! I am thinking, since she scheduled it, she is gonna pay for it.

I give her my sleeping son, for her to watch while I am at the chiropractor, and she tells me to go pick a box of peaches off the peach tree to take to him.

hmmm ok. . . she always gives fresh fruit to the doctors or whoever will take it. . . but a whole box???

As it turns out, some people in the 21st century actually do accept trades. Thank you Dr. Tagg! I feel soooo good!

My third wish, I should have been more specific about. . . My husband wears a mustache and a goatee. I love it! I find it very very sexy!

This past week he didn't shave at all! His sexy goatee was turning int a scruffy beard! ewww!

I wished he would shave.

He has Wednesdays off. . . I came home from work to find a completely clean shaven man. boo hoo! He actually looks like a little boy without the goatee!


  1. You know what they say, Be careful what you wish for. The bookmark is a real treat and that it is made out of HDT is a bonus. Don't worry your husbands goatee will grow back real fast.

  2. Ha ha, that is funny about the shaving thing. I know, that whole thing about "careful what you wish for" is true (like Clyde said). That is just "peachy" about the chiropractor swap! Glad you like the bookmark!
    ~Aunty TattingChic ♥

  3. That is FUNNY! I guess two out of three ain't bad! The bookmark is absolutely lovely! How awesome that bartering is still alive and well in the twenty-first century? Sorry about the goatee though, but as Clyde said, at least it will grow back!
    :) Ann

  4. Clyde, so true! Have to be careful what I wish for. Most of the time my wishes don't come true!!

    Tatting Chic, again Thank You Thank You for the book mark!!! You really are Punny!

    Ann, on Saturday I worked at the Farmer's Market. . . and found out that bartering is very much Alive and Well!! and Clyde is very right, the goatee will grow back and people will stop thinking I robbed the cradle. lol