Monday, July 6, 2009

Spreadin' the LOVE

Yesterday as comment after comment was posted here on my blog, I thought "I need to respond to all these people" so, I went blog hopping! It was sooo much fun! I just love all the crafty crafts I saw and all the wonderful stories I read. There are some very talented people online!

Tatting Chic has told me what good friends she has made through blogging and I didn't think it was possible until now. I just want to say thank you to everyone for coming to visit my blog and for all your kind comments.

Now for more Love Spreading. . . while blog hopping yesterday I came across this post by Clyde the Mad Tatter. He has a beautiful plaque that says "You must be the change you wish to see in the world" ~ Ghandi

I also went to Fox's blog and was amazed to learn that she took up tatting because a complete stranger gave her a tatting shuttle!

This got me thinking. . . a dangerous past time, I know (I have a 3 year old that loves The Lion King) (tee hee) Anyhow this got me thinking about the kind of change I wish to see in the world, and of how I might be able to make a small difference in someone's day. . .

So today I decided that I am going to tat small hearts and carry them with me and each day look for someone who looks like they need a little "pick me up." Then I am going to give them the little heart that I made for them and remind them that they are loved.

Here are two hearts that I made today

This one is called Peacock Heart. I like it a lot, but I thought I would try something a little different. . .

When hearts are drawn on paper I like hearts drawn like the one on the right. . .

So I turned two of the chains on this heart and took out some picots to see if I could get it to look like the drawing.

Here they are side by side with a quarter.

I think I like the original Peacock Heart best.

So what do you think? . . . Anyone want to join me in my quest to spread the love?

P.S. Do you know of other free tatted heart patterns, that are quick and easy to make? I can do simple tatting only with possibly a split ring in there since I visited Jon's Thread Escapades today and learned how to do split rings.

These are my 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th split rings. . . Not too bad eh? (if I can say so, myself)

Please Keep Coming to Visit and Please Keep Commenting. I love it!


  1. Oh, WOW! Good for you for learning the split ring! Here's a pat on the back:

    Your hearts are very pretty! I always google "Tatted heart patterns" when I want some free online patterns, LOL! You are also welcome to check out the links on my sidebar (which naughty Blogger wigged and turned into a footer) under "Tatting Patterns I'm Gonna Tat" and those are all links to free tatting patterns. Some R hearts and some R not!

    I like your idea of passing out the hearts! That is really sweet. I'm too picky about who I give tatting to, LOL! You are very generous and there are many sweet tatters out there who pass out tatted butterflies and the like. I think it's cool.

    Keep up the great posts!
    ~Aunty TattingChic :)

  2. Tatting Chic,
    Thanks I will have to check out the links in your footer (that darn naughty blogspot) Don't stop patting. . . ohhh could you just turn that pat on the back into a back massage? LOL

  3. Hello. Greetings from Singapore. Good job with the tatting. The Peacock Heart is my favourite heart to tat up so far =). Perhaps you'd like to tat up my favourite butterfly, Donna's Butterfly as well =). Ya can find the link on me blog!

    Good job and welcome.

  4. was nice to read your blog....beautiful tatted hearts....and i just loved your idea to spread the love with the tatted hearts...

  5. really enjoying you! love both hearts! maybe you will want to do both for diversity. giving them out is wonderful!

  6. Good morning!! What a great idea to spread the love with tatted hearts. I will have to keep some tatted hearts with me and give it a try. Wow, congrats on getting the split ring down.
    I too like the peacock heart. Here is another simple little heart posted here, actually today:
    Click on the heart and it will take you to the pattern.
    Have a great day!

  7. I was just visiting Tatting Chic and she mentioned your new blog. I see you are a tatting person too. I admire anyone who can do this. Your hearts are lovely.


  8. Welcome to blogland! It is a pleasure to meet you! I like both of your hearts. Tatting is so lovely. I really should try to learn it. You will find there are some wonderful friends out here just waiting to be found. I hope it is as rewarding for you as it has been for me. Twyla

  9. When I have thread left on my shuttle after a project, I make butterflies; which I hand out to people who seem honestly interested in what I'm doing when they see me tatting. I try to keep a half-dozen around, in colors that trace what tatting I've been doing.

    There is a great heart pattern on the 2008 Palmetto Tat Days pattern cd. It has a couple split rings but it tats up very, very quickly & makes great bookmarks.

    You're going great. I am so glad that you were lucky enough to have tatters in your family & that you are able to carry on their legacy.

  10. I love the heart handout idea.

  11. Hello!
    That is such a nice idea! Your heart is very pretty. I'm sure it will brighten someone's day! And how nice to slow down (even with a 3 year old) and take the time to think of someone else.

  12. Welcome to blogland! I look forward to reading your blog!

    Jo :)

  13. I did a liitle digging through patterns I have printed and hope to try because I remembered a heart shaped like the one you drew. BINGO!

    Modern Heart Motif by Mark Myers aka Tatman.


  14. Hello Singapore!
    Thank you. I had a lot of fun tatting the hearts. I am hoping that I can tat a couple today during my kiddo's nap. I'll have to hop over to your blog and check out your favorite butterfly.

    Thank you. I hope you'll keep visiting and that I will keep posting!

    Appalacian Woman,
    Awwe thank you! What a nice compliment. I am really enjoying blogging and tatting.

    Thanks for the link. I will have to give it a try. If you do give out a heart I wanna hear how it goes.

    I had a lot of fun making the hearts. Can't wait til I get better at them. Tatting Chic is great! big hugs and thank you's to her for introducing me to all her bloggie friends.

    I'm looking forward to giving out my first heart. I am sure it won't make as big of a difference as that tatting shuttle did for you (your blog and tatting are beautiful), but I am still hoping to make a small difference in someone's day.

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome to Blogland! I am already really enjoying it!

    I love what you do with butterflies. What a nice little reminder to someone, of what tatting is. . . and what a perfect way not to waste any thread. lol Thanks for the info on another heart.

    I love the idea too. I plan to hand one out today. I'll let ya know how it goes.

    I've been so overwhelmed with everything else going on in my life. . . It has been really good for me to slow down these past couple days and think about tatting, blogging, and spreadin' love

    Thanks for the welcome. Tatting Chic sent me over to your blog a couple weeks ago. I absolutely love the shuttles you make! She told me about the one she is having you make for her. I can't wait to see it! I know it will be stunningly beautiful

  15. Tatting is a beautiful craft. I cross stitch. I wanted to tell ya Welcome to blogland and have fun with it.
    I come from tattingchic's bog.

  16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! So very sweet! Keep up the great work-- both in tatting and in sharing your love. You have encouraged me to come up with something to do. Not sure what yet, but you have got my brain buzzing!

  17. Your heart-sharing idea is right in line with Keron Lee's "Love it Forward" project (there's a link on my blog)... I think it's a wonderful idea =)

  18. Hello and welcome to blogland... I came over from ...who else but tatting chics to visit you....

    I adore the art of tatting and I am amazed by anyone who can do it... such talent...

    I love love love your idea of giving away the hearts... what a generous and downright sweet idea... and I think it will put a smile on many a face.... good for you...I look forward to visiting again...


  19. I finally found time to bop on over to your blog... TattingChic told me to! Welcome to blogland! I love your hearts. I wish I had the time to tat bits to give away. I always have good intentions, but somehow I keep going back to Spinning Wheels, and they take a bit of time! I look forward to seeing all of your creations!

  20. Well done with the split rings. Glad to be able to help. It is wonderful what you are doing with the hearts. Would be interesting to read the reaction of people when you hand them the hearts.

  21. Renea,
    Thank you for the welcome! I am loving blogland. What a fun and creative place!I'll have to come look at your cross stitching.

    Moondust Marita,
    I can't wait to hear what you come up with and how it goes.

    I'll take a look at that. Catchy name "Love it Forward"

    Neere an Dear,
    I'm looking forward to posting about the smiles. I am really hoping to brighten someones day. Just making them knowing that I am making them for someone else puts a smile on my face.

    Thanks for bopping by. I myself, look forward to creating some more stuff. I love what I have learned about tatting from the internet. What an amazing thing it is!

    Obviously I couldn't have done the split rings without your help. Your tutorial is amazing! Thank you Thank you Thank you for posting such a clear tutorial. I'll be sure to post a little something about how it goes when giving away the hearts.

  22. I geuss I'm here on the "welcome to tatland" train! Any friend of Tattingchic's is a friend of ours. I love you plan for the little hearts. I have an inordinate amount of patterns lying around, if I come across something that I think you'll like I'll let you know!

    Very nice tatting by the way :-)

  23. Hello I came here by way of TattingChci. I just wanted to say hello and I hope you will enjoy blogging.

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  25. Hi There, niecey-pooh!
    I have an award for you!
    Hey that rhymes...
    Let's remember good times!
    I think I'll end this now
    Before you hit me - POW!
    So come on over to my blog.
    And get your award - don't be a slog.

    (What's a slog?)

  26. Both of your hearts are lovely. What a wonderful idea for sharing your love of tatting!

    Congrats for learning to do split rings! I had been tatting for many years before I finally managed to learn them.

    The background on this blog page and actually the whole blog page design is stunning. I look forward to reading more about you and your tatting here.

  27. Hello there,
    You asked me on the phone how to make a link in a comment.
    Well, here's the link to the tutorial on that!
    Hee hee!
    Aunty TattingChic

  28. Oh I like you already!! You have the wonderful humor that your aunt has! I have a few tatted pieces that TattingChic has given me, that I will treasure always. She gave me the goods to try my hand at tatting, I will , I really It is nice to meet you. Blogging is the best! Enjoy! Laurie

  29. I like your idea of handing out the hearts. Thankyou for visiting my blog.