Monday, July 13, 2009

"Ever After" Birdie's Lesson Part One

Remember the movie “Ever After”? Starring Drew Barrymore as Danielle de Barbarac aka Nicole du Lancre . It is the best Cinderella story ever! When it was in theaters I saw it at least 4 times! Then when it finally came out on VHS I watched it every day for a month or more. I just finished watching it again. . . for the 100,000th time.

I’m not really sure exactly why I love this Cinderella story so much. . . it could be because they made her out to be an intelligent woman who loved to read and speak her mind. It could also be that Cinderella and Prince Charming actually had a relationship with issues, prior to The Masque and it wasn’t just him seeing her there and falling in love with her at first sight.

At the end of the movie they have wed, and are holding each other and talking sweet nothings and he says to her “We, my dear, are supposed to live happily ever after’”.

When I was growing up I would daydream about the man I would marry. He would be tall and handsome. Funny and kind, sweet, romantic, spontaneous, and he would treat me like a princess. We would marry and live happily ever after. . .

Ha ha ha! Life is no Fairy Tale! I mean my husband is tall and handsome, funny, sweet, kind, romantic, and spontaneous, but there is a reason all of the fairy tales end at “happily ever after”. If we knew what would happen after that, most of us girls would not spend any time day dreaming about our “Prince Charming”.

You may be thinking “she seems bitter.”

I am not bitter. . . I love my husband very much. But marriage has not been what I daydreamed it would be. For some reason I thought the first year “The Honeymoon year” was going to be amazing! That it would be nothing but making love and calling each other Honey and Baby and doing everything we could to make the other person happy. . . Then we got married and I moved in with him. There were so many “adjustments” to make. I somehow had to learn how to fall asleep to the sound of a bear growling all night long. He had to learn to put the toilet seat down but leave the lid up. (when I was pregnant, the next year, there was nothing worse than having to bend over to lift the lid before I could sit down to pee!)

We had to get used to each other’s habits and learn what “happily ever after” looked like to each of us. For a while there, I thought his “happily ever after” looked like me making his meals, doing his dishes and his laundry, sorting through the bills and taking care of all the mundane tasks in life. While my “happily ever after” consisted of breakfast in bed every Sunday morning, making love every morning and night, and him making enough money to pay the bills so I wouldn’t have to stress about them.

I think it needless to say that neither one of us got our “happily ever after”.

Next post I will introduce you to Birdie and tell you what I learned from her and hopefully you will be able to see where I am going with this. . .


  1. Oh how I love that movie!

    I think we all have had those visions of the "fairytale marriage". Marriage is hard work, but there are great rewards and blessing that can't be found in any other kind of relationship.

    Look forward to reading about Birdie.

  2. The Honeymoon Year and Sleeping Like a Baby - HA! The first year of marriage for us was also full of adjustments and our babies all snored!

    I like that movie also. I'm curious about who Birdie is...


  3. I'm with Donna...looking forward to part 2. ((Hugs))!! :)

  4. I loved the movie too.

  5. I agree that was a good movie. I haven't thought about that movie in a long time. I'll have to watch it again.

  6. What a fabulous post.... unfortunately we all grow up with that fairy tale image ... the June Clever... from Leave It To Beaver ... perfect little housewife with the perfect loving family....and the perfect little marriage idea...

    Those shows gave a false idea of what it all should be....

    What I find refreshing is your honesty....

    I too cant wait for part two and finding out who Birdie is


  7. Fairy land dreams ... & then reality sets in. Part 2 should be interesting. TTFN ~ Marydon
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  9. Hi there! It's me again, LOL! Thank you for entering my giveaway! Good luck to you! I'm having WAYYY too much fun with this "links in the comment thing!"

  10. Hey Everyone Thanks so much for visiting and for your comments! Sorry it has taken me soo long to respond. . .
    here is my list of excuses:
    busy with work
    wild and rowdy 3 yr old boy
    migraine headache
    tatting a doily

    but as I always say "excuses are like belly buttons. . . everyone has one and they stink"

    So, I am happy to have a day off, the boy is watching Alvin and the Chipmunks, my migraine is gone, and my hands are wore out from all the tatting. . . how is it that such a small movement can use so much muscle? Muscles I never knew I had. lol

    so true, there are many blessings and joys that come from marriage. At the same time there are many challenges that make us learn and grow. Hey. . . sounds a whole lot like Life. LOL

    How cute! snoring babies!

    So nice to have you here so often. Congrats on the 50,000 visitors! So very exciting! I can't wait to win the fabulous giveaway on July 31st!

    It is a great movie isn't it?!

    Enjoy watching the movie again! I hope to see you back here for part two.

    Thank you, I had fun thinking about this and writing this post. Glad you enjoyed it. I love those shows, June Cleaver, Donna Reed! I think it is funny to watch them and think about just how fake they are. lol

    A newer series on AMC "MadMen" is my new favorite! It shows a more realistic view on how life was in the early sixties. I love it! New season starts in August. . . I can't wait!

    I'll be sure to hop on over and enter for the giveaway.

    Part 2 should be up today. If all goes according to plan. The boy should be napping in a couple hours. (crossing my fingers) Last time I got on facebook for 10 minutes while he was watching PeterPan, the doorbell rang. . . it was my neighbor telling me that my 3 yr old was running naked down the street!